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BFB24W-200CF CNC horizontal braiding machine

Category : Horizontal hose braider
Posted : 2015-09-07 17:53:06
Item : BFB24W-200CF
Detail:BFB24W-200CF CNC horizontal braiding machine,High quality & Good Price!
Ship to : USA/ UK / FRANCE / SPAIN / GREECE / CANADA / Korea / Russia / Pakistan / Africa /Australia/ Other countries, pls contact us.
BFB24W-200CF  CNC horizontal braiding machine

    BFB24W-200CF double CNC horizontal braiding machine

    BFB24W-200CF series single horizontal high speed braider is adopt advantage braiding technology, such as human machine

    interface ,inverter control and PLC control cell ,auto lubricant ,transmission gear in –phase ,pneumatic and hydraulic

    pressure design.the braiding machine can come ture single or double braiding . Our braiding machine can be used in high

    pressure rubber hose .auto motor hose ,auto drive turning hose ,brake hose ,apply the brake hose ,auto air condition hose

    ,cable and industrial rubber hose ,plastic hose enganced braiding

    Advanctage of the horizontal braider

    1 One person can operation severa; machine .when the bobbin empty,wire broken the machine will stop.the arlam flicker

    2 Operational easy ,deigital display.Setting pitch by digital touch control.The machine run display by the digital display

    3 Automatic ,Advantage technology , adopt human machine interface ,PLC control cell coder,inverter control ,counting


    4 Good quality ,high efficiency .Often used operation buttonoutside fixed .Theefficiency is twice other braiding machine

    5 Design is reliable ,good looking

    6.Less noise ,produce precision spare parts  ,good material and heat treat,sound proof

    7. Remember function.Braiding parameter and production capacity can be remembered in a few minutes

    Specification of the braiding machine:

    Quantity of carriers: 24pcs
    Raw material of wire: Hard stainless steel wire, coated wire
    Bobbin size: 84 X 32 X 202(H)mm
    Bobbin capacity: 956ccm

    Bobbin size:78 X 32 X 152(H)mm
    Bobbin capacity:603ccm

    Carrier R.P.M: 35RPM
    Wire strands: 3-15 strands
    Braiding power: 4.0KW X 2
    haul off powder:1.1KW
    Tension of carrier:1.5-15KGS
    Braided hose diameter < 30mm

    Horizontal braiding machine for large tension wire braiding

    BFB24W-200CF CNC horizontal braiding machine for hard wire braiding
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