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BFB24L-200CF teflon hose braiding machine

Category : Horizontal hose braider
Posted : 2015-09-08 16:13:04
Item : BFB24L-200CF
Detail:BFB24L-200CF teflon hose braiding machine,High quality & Good Price!
Ship to : USA/ UK / FRANCE / SPAIN / GREECE / CANADA / Korea / Russia / Pakistan / Africa /Australia/ Other countries, pls contact us.
BFB24L-200CF teflon hose braiding machine

    BFB24L-200A is a new set of automatic braiding equipment which is designed and improved based on our digesting and absorbing foreign advanced technology. The machine is widely applicant in this area:Flat rigid braids, Elastic braids round/flat, Zig-Zag braids, shoe laces, Climbing ropes. The machine has the following features:

    1. High Automatic Extent: Broken, empty bobbin or no tube, automatic machine  self-closed.

    2. Adopt adjustable speed to accommodate pitch, dont need to change gear

    3. High productive efficiency: production two times than present usual machine per hour, the max production reach to 70m/h.

    4. Low noise, transmission and pulling system adopt absorbing sound, reducing shake and inserting equipment.

    5. Easy maintenance , transmission flexible, structure easy install and remove

    6. Spindle adopt elastic and adjustable equipment, dependable position, easy, convenient and flexible install bobbin

    7. Small abrasion and long using life, the key part use excellent material and adopt heat-treat and lubricant equip1ent.

    Teflon Hose Braiding Machine main parameter
    Braiding Machine  Power: 3.0kw
    Capstan  Motor Power:0.75kw
    Wire diatmer: 0.15-0.25mm
    wire kinds: Stainless Steel , carbon steel , wire
    B0bbin Cubage: 960ccm
    Hose diameter :8-16mm
    Spindle Spring :1.5-15kg
    Weight: 800kg

    BFB24L-200CF teflon hose braiding machine for PTFE hose braiding with large carrier tension.
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