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BFB24L-114B vertical hose braiding machine with half cabinet

Category : Vertical hose braider
Posted : 2015-09-06 17:36:56
Item : BFB24L-114B
Detail:BFB24L-114B vertical hose braiding machine with half cabinet,High quality & Good Price!
Ship to : USA/ UK / FRANCE / SPAIN / GREECE / CANADA / Korea / Russia / Pakistan / Africa /Australia/ Other countries, pls contact us.
BFB24L-114B vertical hose braiding machine with half cabinet

    BFB24L-114B vertical hose braiding machine with half cabinet

         BFB24L-114B vertical hose braiding machine with half cabinet, and use button for start and turn off the machine.

         Benfa factory supply hose braider, rope braiding mahcine,high speed braiding machine, sleeve braiding machine, cable braiding machine,automatic bobbin winding machine, hose crimping machine and braided hose assemble machine.

         Suit for the wire: stainless steel wire, aluminium wire as well as yarn

         Suit for the hose: nature rubber hose, EPDM hose, PVC hose, PEX hose

         Advantage of the hose braiding machine:

         1. All automatic, if the bobbin is empty or without hose, the machine self stop.

         2. It's can adjust the pitch by change the small button , don't need change the gear

         3. High output, one hour can reach to 55meters in normal speed

         4.Low noise,transmission and haul off sytem adopt absorbing sound and reducing shake.

         5. Easy maintenance,use self lubrication system

         6. Carriers adopt elastic and adjustable syestm, depentable position, easy install and remove from machine

         7. Small abrasion and long using life.

         BFB24L-114B vertical hose braiding machine parameter:

         Motor Power: 1.1KW            Voltage:380V/3phase/50Hz

         Carrier R.P.M:45RPM           Haul off RMP: 4.26-18.5RPM

         Hose Outter diameter:

         Carrier Quantity: 24 carriers  Weight:305KGS

         Bobbin size:56 X 22mm         Bobbin capacity:354ccm

         Measure: 890 X 720 X 1680mm

         BFB24L-114B half cabinet hose braiding machine

    BENFA braider provide rubber hose braiding, PVC hose baiding and PEX hose braiding etc.
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